All you Need to Know about Garage Door Manufacturers

When it comes to garage doors, many people do not think about how they are manufactured until it is time to replace this item. Producing quality doors for garages and storage facilities requires exact planning and careful attention to detail whether the door is for residential or commercial use.


Manufacturing garage doors began in the early 1900s with the arrival of the automobile. Until that time, many people had stored their carriages inside a carriage house, the forerunner to the modern garage. As such, many early garage door models resembled carriage house doors. Early models were made from wood and were of single-piece construction that enabled them to be lifted by hand. Since that time, manufacturing has involved the use of several other materials to include steel and vinyl.

What they Do

Modern garage door manufacturers use advanced technology in all phases of garage door production. This enables them to put together the door panels and any electronic components to create a quality finished product. For example, panels are made using a forming machine so they can be manufactured to precise dimension. Some of the technology used includes advanced methods of powder coat painting to ensure there are no environmental toxins released into the atmosphere during this process.

Custom Garage Doors

While many factories create garage doors in standard sizes and designs, some manufacturers also create custom pieces. This can be a good idea for customers who have an unusual-sized garage door opening or simply want a unique look for their home. Customers can generally choose the type of material, color, and features of their custom garage door. Having a custom garage door built can be expensive and time-consuming to do because they are one-of-a-kind models. In addition, they are normally not returnable since the manufacturer would have a difficult time selling them to another customer.


Manufacturers of garage doors must meet the safety requirements specified by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). There are also several consumer groups that rate garage doors for safety, quality, and ease of use among other things. This means that garage door manufacturers must take the criteria of consumer groups into consideration when producing this product. Some manufacturers provide garage doors for a limited geographical area, which means they must also consider local building codes and architectural design requirements as well.

Price Range

The price of a garage door can vary considerably based upon the size and type of materials used. A very basic single-car door typically costs around $400, and this price does not include installation or a garage door opener. Larger doors and custom-made pieces may cost several thousand dollars each, especially if they are designed to accommodate very tall vehicles such as RVs or semi tractors.

Many garage door manufacturers gladly offer tours of their facilities to individuals as well as garage door distributors. Those who are considering replacing their garage door may want to visit a nearby factory in order to get a better idea how their unit will be produced.